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June 29th, 2012, 01:36 PM
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I haven't been on in months! I don't even know if any of you remember me, and I didn't have a DDB.

But here is my son's birth story bc you all know how exciting it is to share birth stories!!!

I'm not really good at telling stories, so I'm just going to jump right in. I didn't know I was in labor and I pushed him out in one push.

June 10 was our baby shower and my bestie made sure to tell my tummy that Dillinger could NOT come out until after the shower. Well, I woke up on Sunday the 10th at 7:30 with contractions that were 5 minutes apart, 40-ish seconds long and had them for about an hour, and then they went away. I got in the shower and got ready for my baby shower. I went all day with no other contractions and the baby shower was SO MUCH FUN (I didn't have a baby shower for my first and my daughter's baby shower was very very VERY small)! Later that night I started having stronger contractions that were 40 sec- a minute long, 5 minutes apart. After about an hour, we called the midwife. We were going to have a water birth at a free-standing birth center about an hour and 15 min away, so if we needed to go, we needed to know. She said they sound like they are Braxton Hicks, and to try getting into the bath tub and see how they do. So I did for about an hour or so and when we called her back, she said she still thinks they are BH, and to drink some more water and lay down again and see what happens. They started to go away again and I thought it was just in my head and wishful thinking, so I went to sleep. I had contractions all night Sunday night, but they were only when I had to potty (#1 and #2 sorry if
) and were about once an hour-ish.

I woke up Monday am still feeling EXHAUSTED! I thought I had just over exerted myself on Fri-Sun since I ran errands with my bestie and grandma all day Fri and Sat, and Sun was our baby shower. So I slept ALL DAY on Monday waking up still about once an hour to potty and with contractions.

At around 4:45 I woke up with an EXTREMELY bad contraction. I could barely breathe and I wanted to SCREAM! I crawled (quite literally) to the shower hoping the warm water would help and asked my husband to draw a bath for me (we don't have a tub in the master bathroom). I had 2 more contractions in the shower before my DH helped me to the tub. My contractions were about a minute long and still about 4-5 minutes apart, so we called the midwife since these contractions I couldn't talk through at all. She said that maybe we should go ahead and come up to Sac. I called a friend who we had prearranged to watch DD to come pick her up, and DH went to pick up my little sister from work. While he was gone my contractions got stronger and stronger, but still 5 min apart. Then I got the urge to push. "Holy **** this is happening, I'm gonna have my baby at home in a bubble bath, this cant be safe for him!" I thought. So as soon as he got home, I asked (ok, demanded) him to call our MW and update her (by now its only about 5:15, this is how fast everything started to go). She said "it sounds like shes in active labor, you need to decide now if you are going to chance it and come up here, or just go to the nearest hospital." Well, honestly and selfishly, my first thought was, 'if we go ahead up to Sacramento, I'm going to have this baby in the car and my water is gonna break, and how am I going to clean that out of my car!?' so I said we will go to the hospital.

He kept trying to pack a bag for me, and I asked (aka screamed) for my (any) robe. I started down the hallway and politely asked (demanded) for my husband to grab my purse and nightgown and lets go NOW! It was so hard to not push!! My friend came around the corner and helped me breathe through a contraction. My DH brought my flip flops to me ("F*** THE FLIP FLOPS LETS GO NOW!!!") and we got in the car and headed out.

We got to the hospital around 10 min-ish to 6. I had a few contractions in the car, but they weren't that bad and they were still 5 min apart. I just couldn't sit down. I kept thinking "why the he** does my body want to push already!?" When we got to the hospital a nice person waiting outside went in and asked for a wheelchair. The nurses came out a few min later with a wheelchair (that I couldn't sit in) and wheeled me in asking me a million questions. They took me to a room they already had set up for me (wow they're fast!) and slipped off my robe and slipped on a gown. I got into the bed, and answered a million more questions, some of them repetative (yes i DID have prenatal care, no it WAN'T here in town, yes I AM from around here, NOT I'm not just visiting, yes I SAID I DID have prenatal care, I went to Sac bc my midwife is there and I wanted a water birth, WHAT'S a water birth? It's where you give birth in water, my blood type? O+, no I don't know the results from the GBP test yet I was supposed to find out Thursday and my next appointment for the THE PRENATAL CARE I AM receiving..... You get the idea). THe nurse checked me as I was asking "Do I still have time for some pain relievers?" (IDK why I was asking, I wouldn't have taken them, I was just trying to make conversation as some stranger has her fingers shoved way up inside me) and she says, "nope, you're ready!" "WAIT?! WHAT? LIKE, I'M AT 10 CM ALREADY?" "yep, let me get a Dr, and we're gonna push!" The DR came in, broke my water and said to push on the next contraction. Contraction came, I pushed, nurse counted to 10, counted to 10 again and then again. I kept pushing through all 3 counts and OUT HE CAME!! ONE BIG LONG PUSH, AND HE JUST SQUIRTED OUT!!! (sorry if squirted is a bit graphic but that's how it felt!)

Dillinger Felix Lopez was born at 6:08 on June 11 at 38 weeks and 1 day. He was 6lbs 9 oz, 18 3/4" long and my bestie got her wish: waited until after the shower :0)

That is my birth story.

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