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June 30th, 2012, 12:12 AM
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Thanks Karin.

I'm going to be on Antibiotics for a bit I suspect. I made an appointment for Monday, I'm now 100% sure it's a UTI not a stone. I guess that's probably a good sign, but man... I dread having to pee! I feel pretty good other than that at least.

Still not sure what I want to do. We've only DTD twice in going on two weeks... will be at least Tuesday before it's even going to be an option. I can't take anymore Azo until I've been seen.

I told Reme I'm not pregnant. He was convinced last week that I was. He's a little bit upset, he asked me a whole bunch of questions.. more than I really wanted to answer. but he thinks it's awesome that I can pee on stuff that will tell me if I'm having a baby and wishes he was a girl so he could pee on it. LOL. Tonight he wanted to talk baby names. Sometimes I wonder if he's really only 7. He doesn't like my boy choice... he thinks we should call a boy George... while Elliot is our current runner.. and he couldn't even pronounced the girls option (Khalessi) he just said "that's a bad name!"

Part of me wants to try because I don't want to let him down. I'd love to get him a sibling by his birthday next summer. His mom is having surgery this week... her RE found that she has a major case of Fibroid s and she can't do anything until they're removed.. and no guarantee that she'll even be able to conceive. She told DH today he has to knock me up twice, once with a boy for Reme, and once with a girl so she can I can spoil it. I know i have an odd relationship with my husband's ex wife, but this is EXACTLY what he hoped would happen, and it makes Reme so happy. It helps that she's great person.. just didn't mesh with DH.

DH said if we do get it this cycle, we can take a week to drive to Canada if that's what I need (drive by night, sleep by day). I do have some of my anti nausea med left from my kidney stone if I get desperate...I just don't know if it made me sleepy or not since the pain meds made me sleep all day.

I'm still disappointed in last cycle.. but I do feel better. I guess I just needed the AF swings to settle down a bit. Dh asked what I want for Xmas, I told him I want him to get checked out with an SA. An odd request, but he's less likely to tell me no that way. I should hopefully have a full run down by then since I am exhibiting some symptoms of PCOS (hair growth and fat stores being the two big ones).. so though I am ovulating... they could all be duds. Hoping I'll get some weight off this summer and *poof* we'll get preggo!
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