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June 30th, 2012, 09:19 AM
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Hello Morgan! Welcome to this board. I lurk more than I post here but there are some lovely ladies who are regularly here.

I would say that you'd probably get better explanations on the co-sleeping front on the Attachment Parenting board, as this board is really more about the birth event itself.

I'm Sharron, 37, from the UK. I already have one little one who is almost six and am due with #2 in early August and very interested in trying to cope with labour using Hypnobirthing techniques, TENS and/or water if one of the pool rooms at my hospital is available...but we'll see how it goes, I didn't have a good experience last time. I am more of a traditional parent overall and wouldn't co-sleep personally either, for the exact same 2 reasons as yourself.

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