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June 30th, 2012, 09:34 PM
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Not a whole lot to report for today. DH went out to our church today to help them distribute food to needy folks in the community. I stayed home and putzed around the house, watching 48 Hours on ID (I love true crime shows). My back was bothering me, so I ended up laying on the floor in front of the TV for a while.

Bad Kitty had an appointment at the vet at 4:15 for vaccinations as he will be boarded during out trip to WA and one of them is due while he'll be being boarded. So, I needed to get that taken care of before leaving. He was pissy about the whole thing, of course; his meows were pa-thet-ic, like I was killing him single-handedly. He did fine, as usual, however, and was back home in the safety and comfort of our bed within a couple of hours. He will be, however, on a diet now as he's now 16 lbs. (He's a Maine Coon so he will be a big cat, but even 16 pounds is a touch much for him. 15 would be ideal, according to his vet).

So, both he and Daytona will NOT like it when I do not allow them to graze anymore. Now, I just keep the bowl filled and they eat whenever the mood strikes them. Daytona is also a Maine Coon, but she's only 15 months old and can self-regulate better. Although, she's already at least 10 lbs, but again, because she's a Maine Coon, she will be bigger than most other MALE breeds.

Anyway, I started writing a list of things that I need to do before we leave for the trip. In about 10 minutes of thinking, I came up with 23 items. Looks like it will be a very busy 11 days coming up.

Cycle-wise, nothing new to report. Still no signs of the . Still have the mild cramping, but it went away for a bit today. I may have felt a LITTLE nausea, but it was gone before I could recognize what it was. The plan is still to test tomorrow morning with FMU. At this point, I don't know what to think, of course, but I can't help but think it's going to be a BFN. I'm an odds kinda girl, and the odds are that I am NOT pregnant. Even though I know BFPs happen, I have a hard time believing they could happen to me. We'll just have to see. Even if I think it's a BFN, I'll post the result as there have been others posted that I would SWEAR are negative, but others see the pink line.

Well, I guess that's it for now. The plan for the rest of the night is just to chill and watch some TV and then head to bed a bit early as I'm pretty tired. I guess that's from doing nothing today, really.

Have a good evening, all...


Me: 41, DH: 44 (He has a 15-year-old from a previous marriage)
I'm a Type 1 diabetic (28 years and counting), and I've had gastric bypass (Dec, 2013 - currently at goal weight)

Started with an RE on 7/23/2014 and so far:

SA came back with 44 million, 27.3% alive
Fibroids present, endometriosis suspected, had surgery in Dec 2014 to correct
HSG normal - both tubes open

Cycle 1: August, 2014 - Natural, failed

Cycle 2: September, 2014 - Chemical Pregnancy

Cycle 3: October, 2014 - Failed IUI

Cycle 4: November, 2014 - Failed IUI

Cycle 5: December, 2014 - Missed due to surgery

Cycle 6: January, 2015 - Failed IUI

Cycle 7: February, 2015 - Failed IUI

Cycle 8: March, 2015 - Natural cycle, failed

Cycle 9 - IVF #1: April, 2015 - 13 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized, 4 transferred (3-day), 4 frosties. Chemical pregnancy.

Cycle 10: Natural cycle in preparation for FET in June, 2015.
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