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June 30th, 2012, 10:15 PM
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So I am 11 dpo. I ovulated on the 19 of June according to webmd ovulation calendar. Well starting at 7 dpo I started feeling tired like I was tired around 6 pm that's not me, I'm normally a night owl. And I have been having white creamy CM (sorry if tmi) starting at 5 dpo till 9dpo. Also on 7dpo I started having like a twitching sensation in my left ovary. It happen for 20 minutes it didn't hurt it was just annoying then the next 2 days (8dpo and 9dpo) the twitching moved form My ovary to my uterus. On 10 dpo I was shopping with my bf and I started getting irritable and I cried on the ride home. I also cried that same day while I was filling out paperwork lol o.0
Today I got the twitching in my uterus again but only for 10 minutes and my CM is dry but still watery. And my cervix has been high since my ovulation week idk if that helps or not but yea lol. But I hope I am and not having imaginary pregnancy symptoms. My bf and my mom think I am since I mentioned the twitching. Lol please help
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