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July 1st, 2012, 09:59 AM
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I have always fancied a tattoo but never got up the guts to do it! Respect to your mum if she gets one at 66!

We do have a carnival which is basically a parade of floats through the main street of town, usually mostly advertising local clubs and businesses, they bring charity buckets down the street and there are usually some people around selling cheap balloons, toys and fair food on the market square. I've been in it once before in the dim and distant past advertising a friend of my mum's pizza shop, doing dances with pom-poms to La Bamba and Fame! lol. I haven't been for many years. I'd like to take Daniel one year but it always seems to fall on a day when he's with his dad. Not even sure when it is this year. They usually have a fair on in the park at around the same time, because I remember going on to the fair from the carnival when I was a teen.

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