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July 1st, 2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Babybear4 View Post
My mom had a hysterectomy at 29 due to endometriosis. It was probably unnecessary and she just had a surgery happy doctor. She didn't have regular periods and started getting back pain, so her doctor said if he took out her uterus, it would help with the back pain. Makes sense, right? She was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

After her hysterectomy, her ovaries attached to her bowels and she had to have them removed as well. After that, her bladder and rectum fell and she had to have them moved back up.
It's so unfortunate that doctors were (and still are) so ignorant about endo. I was told that I needed to have a baby to "cure" it (keep in mind I first had symptoms at age 11) and if that didn't work then I'd need a hysterectomy... even though there are countless cases where neither of those two things got rid of the disease. Not saying they don't help some, just neither are the magic cure for the disease. I had to go to Atlanta for a specialist to finally get some relief for mine. It's so annoying. If a man at age 29 went to a doctor with back pain, and castration was what was suggested for relief, the world would laugh. Yet, it's scary how many women have lost reproductive organs because some doctor thought that maybe endo was causing symptoms and the only solution they know about is taking out the uterus.

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