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July 2nd, 2012, 11:43 AM
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I am getting worried about my cycles. Since coming off BCP in Oct (exclude my 54 day cycle) they are getting shorter 29 to now this last one was 25 days, 11 day LP. I am on B6 for the LP, and the 11 days is better than what I started with at 9 days. I am curious if any of you ladies have dealt with the shortening of your cycle could it be random? I'm not sure what to do, it seems I'm ovulating sooner and sooner. Maybe it's nothing, but I am getting nervous. I got my most positive OPK on CD12 last cycle, that's 2-3 days early for me.

I am overweight, so I am wondering if my body is ovulating on paper, but not really releasing an egg? Or I worry about premenopause, I'm 25 but I started my period at 9 years old.

What would be the best way to address this? I am due for my yearly pap, should I address it then? Should I ask if they can monitor a cycle & do blood work to see what's up? IDK if they will since they told me that they require a $1k deposit if they need to address any infertility related issues. This isn't exclusively a fertility thing, I am worried what's causing this.
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