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July 2nd, 2012, 12:50 PM
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I had a hot slings, and it worked well for me. No wrapping required.

Here are my Monday thoughts:

1.) My belly button is officially turning. Not the entire thing mind you, but one particular part of my belly hole is definitely starting to make it's way out and is not in any way bashful about it. This doesn't seem fair, inasmuch as I'm only 5 weeks into the 2nd trimester. This was definitely a third trimester affair last time around. Of course, by now I should be accustomed to being completely bamboozled by all things that are "this time around" vs the last.

2.) I am boobnormous. I don't mind this per se, as it's not so incredibly grotesque as to (yet) require the use of a granny bra or other bracing accoutrement, but on my petite frame, it's quite something. Indeed, it was the familial gossip hot button issue while vacationing last week, which was mildly embarrassing. There's nothing like discussing boob size with your aunts. Me: "Yup. They're pretty big. Oh look, is that a veggie tray over there?"

On the other hand, it would be really nice to find a bra that actually covers the entirety of my nipple instead of this weird bra limbo that I'm currently living in. I'm hesitant to make any additional purchases right now because...well I'm kind of frightened about tempting the fates in that regard. So right now, I keep telling myself that this ongoing nipple chafage is all about getting those ladies ready for their upcoming baby feeding challenge. Hooah.

3.) I love my body pillow. I don't even have a special pregnancy pillow, but just one of those full body thingamajigs that my sister gave to me after she didn't need it any more. But I didn't have anything with DD, so this is like heaven. Anyone else loving their preggo pillows?
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