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July 2nd, 2012, 02:01 PM
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So much I want to respond to at one time!!!

My boobs are just ridiculous. I know they have grown since I bought those first two bras - but I refuse to admit it. One already had a granny-style, thick strap & I just can't handle going up any further. Oh - and I wore a strapless dress over the weekend with a bra I bought a couple of weeks ago. It actually caused a blister on my back. When the DH sees it - he's going to freak out since he's is defo a function over fashion type guy.

I haven't done much research into these slings. The DH is really sensitive to the possibility of encouraging hip dysplasia (he doesn't even want us to swaddle) since he had to have surgery last year to correct his. Does anyone have info on how good the slings are for hips?

It is hotter than Hades outside. Usually I love hot weather. Somehow, while preggo I have discovered I can barely breathe if I walk further than 3 blocks. UGH. I guess this is also compounded by the fact that I'm super congested.

I haven't bought a preggo pillow yet. I was hoping you guys would try them all out first and just tell me the best one To be honest, the DH and I are still sleeping on a full size bed (on top of a queen size frame with king size pillows - don't ask). We were going to upgrade the bed to a queen when we moved in Aug - but then I read horror stories about your water breaking at night when you sleep and having to junk the bed. So now we're considering waiting. (please jump in with opinions)

FINALLY - I HATE PACKING!!!! I have to pack for about a week and I'm not even sure I have enough clothes that fit for that long. I'm totally stressing out about it and will have to try on everything tonight - since the stuff that fit last week doesn't necessarily fit now. Sigh. I guess I should be embracing the bump, which typically I am, but it's making packing so much more difficult!!!

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