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July 2nd, 2012, 02:15 PM
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Pregnancy Pillow I have this pregnancy pillow, and i LOVE it!!!!! DH hates it cause it takes up more room on our bed. But I feel that a little sacrafice on his part is perfectly acceptable. Plus I asked him about the pillow, and told him to look at it a read the reviews. SO if he isn't happy with it, I am perfectly ok to say its his fault.

My left boob has gotten bigger than my right... by noticable means... but I am excited about it, cause "tmi: it has allowed one nipple to pop out from being inverted so maybe my chance of breast feeding are looking better. At least I hope so.

It is terribly hot here too.... The highs last week was anywhere from 102-110.... ugh thats not counting the humidity either... and its only July... . It normally doesn't start too cool off until mid September... I break a sweat just walking from my car to my home, or from work to my car...

I don't know much about slings... never really used them with Hannah, but am going to try with this one.... I am hoping that it might make carrying the baby in the store or what not easier.

I am kinda dreading my u/s tomorrow... cause I have a bad feeling that I willnot find out the gender... I know that there is more to the u/s than just the gender... but DH won't let me buy anything until we know for sure... and if its a girl than I have family that is wanting to send me their little girl stuff.... save some money yay!!!

DH best friend for almost 30 yrs, just had a daughter in December and offered us their swing, and bassinet.... for 100.00...... this angered me cause we HAD to pay for him to fly here, and pay for his tux, and pay for his dinner (at the rehersal dinner) in order for him to be there for his best friend at our wedding with the understanding that he would pay us back.. .. which he hasn't.... I feel like I should be able to deduct it from what he owes us... but DH says that isn't fair.... W.T.H!!!!

I am so ready for the next 45 mins to fly by so I can start my 30-45 min drive home to spend some more time with my best chicka!!!!! I hate being away from her, especially in the summers when I barely get to see her.... she leaves again this saturday for another 2 weeks... I will be so glad when summer is over!

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