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July 2nd, 2012, 02:53 PM
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I am imagining Becky's NY bedroom as this kind of inverted palace of weirdness, with giant pillows on top of a regular bed on top of a microscopic frame, where she and DH have to constantly balance in order to keep the entire thing from falling over.

Other than my comment on your weird stacking situation, I have a small amount to offer you on the water breakage thing. Mine broke, but a lot don't, and it was shortly before bedtime. I found that I had MUCH more gush (and it's a continual ongoing series of gushes, not like just one gush that the movies portray) standing up than sitting down. In fact, I barely leaked when I was sitting. So, IF you are one of the few whose water breaks, and IF that happens to occur when you are sleeping, then yes, you may have an issue. On the other hand, you could start sleeping with a towel underneath you in that final trimester, and would probably be fine (and may very well never end up needing the towel).

As far as packing is concerned, I hear that. DH got mad at me prior to our recent vacation because he was busy loading the car and he caught me trying things on. He was like, "WTH? I'm trying to get us ready and you're trying on clothes?" I'm like, Dude, you DON'T understand. This is a seriously awful thing I'm doing right now. Cut me some slack. He rolled his eyes and walked out. At which point, I continued trying on clothes until I found something that made my bump look pregnant and not fat. Ugh.

Yay for Raina's nipple!!! I understand that inverted nipples are a beeeatch. I'm so glad it could join the team...even if temporarily. BTW, I would totally tell DH's best friend to take a hike. Ok, maybe not in those terms, but a polite "no thanks" definitely sounds in order. You could probably get a better deal (with less drama) from Craig's list. People like that drive me crazy. Here you were, probably ready to completely write off the fact that you're never going to get repaid...and that DB wants to charge you$100 for something he's not even using any more. In my opinion, real friends are happy to GIVE their friends things that they no longer need. Maybe that's just me. Sorry. Pregnancy hormones run amock over here.
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