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July 2nd, 2012, 04:49 PM
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It is honestly a catch 22. She is already here, and will be here until after the baby's birth. I can't change my mind now, KWIM? Plus, aside from the actual "birth plan" issues...she is a HUGE help with DD1 and keeping up with the house in general. The only way I'm able to work and feel functional. So I'm grateful she is here.

On the other hand, I've got numerous friends that have offered to keep DD1 with them. That is great, but I know my daughter and she needs to be nearby (in the same building) as DH and I at the very least. It is frustrating because as much as I love my friends, I don't think any of them would really know how to comfort her the way she needs to be comforted. They are great people, I know she would have a blast with them. That isn't the question. Plus, DD specifically requested that her grandma take care of her while I have the baby. :/ Which is why we asked her grandma to come down. I have 1-2 friends who would gladly stay with DD in the delivery room, but there is no way I would be comfortable with that. So yeah, its a catch 22.

I know it will all be ok in the end. I know that it will be a huge learning experience for my mom. She tends to talk a big talk. I've warned my midwife that my mom was an OB/GYN nurse many years, but she isn't to have a say in medical care. She talks a big talk about a lot of medical things, but in the moment she does respect our decisions. I just hope that she will understand the importance to DD to have her grandma taking care of her and not there to support me. On top of that DH will not be comfortable doing the things he should be doing to support me with my mom watching over. I know I will kick both of them out during a bulk of my labor.
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