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July 2nd, 2012, 10:49 PM
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With my DD I had broken up with the guy two weeks prior of finding out and when I told him he said "I knew we would get back together" I told him I'm pregnant that doesn't mean I'm getting back together with you which he said "if you don't get back together with me I won't have anything to do with it" She is now 5 and he has never even met her, his choice for this reason.

With this one I told my bf (of about 3 months) and he was speechless at first and then he kept asking if I was joking. Then he started talking about all of us moving in together and he was really cool about it. Now though his true colors are starting to come out. He is treating my DD like she isn't important at all, wanting me to always "dump" her off at my Dad's or he is talking about building on to his house for us since its a one bedroom and he wants us to move in now and even though I tell him it's to small for all of us he keeps insisting and his mom is the same. But they want to buy a Storage shed, put all my DD's toys in the storage shed and make her play in that whenever she wants to play with her things and he also asked me if I thought my Dad would let me borrow his trailer so I could haul all my garbage (all my household items except DD's toys which will go in her storage shed play room) to the dump. I have told him several times we were not moving in with him but he seems to live in a dream land that he ignores what I tell him. Then he has made comments that the baby is more important then DD and has made suggestions that maybe she should spend more time at my Dad's just so she isn't around when at first it was he would treat them both the same. And he also seems to think that just cause I'm pregnant he now owns me and is making stupid demands. Like one of my friends and I wanting to go watch Magic Mike he is mad that I would want to go see it and whenever it's time for my DD and I to go home he demands to know why I'm mad at him and then gets all pouty and goes I don't want you to be mad at me and I go all we are doing is going home because IT"S WHERE WE LIVE!!!!! Then he goes and tells all our friends that I'm mad at him and he doesn't know why blah blah blah just because we went to our own house.

He has become almost like I can't even put into words. It's this combination of a controlling/supportive/pshycho who thinks he doesn't have to worry about anything just because I'm pregnant and as actually told someone when they said he needed to straighten up and act like a decent human all the time that it didn't matter I wouldn't break up with him because I'm pregnant. He's about a week from finding out how false that is.
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