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July 3rd, 2012, 06:15 AM
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This baby is big and the doctor has offered me induction or c-sec at 39 weeks. I have had 2 induced vag deliveries with epidurals and they are awesome compared to my one spontaneous labor/delivery that lasted over 30 hours. With other kids at home, being in the hospital for only 2 days would be nice. Recovery from vag deliveries is usually 1-2 weeks due to episiotomy/tear but then I'm up and feeling pretty good.

My question now is about c-sections. Because this baby is in the 95% as far as weight, they offered me an induction or a c-section. The doctor said he thinks I could push out this 8.5-9 lbs baby since I've delivered before but gave me the option because he can't guarantee I wouldn't need the c-section because of the size of the baby. My other babies were only about 7 lbs. I'm considering a c-section so I don't tear worse or have the start of labor, get stuck and need a c-sec after being through labor. I would have to stay in hospital 4 or 5 days? I'd be able to sit down without problems but I know walking would be more painful because of the surgery. I don't know how long recovery would be since I would then have 4 kids to take care of.

So I'm curious to ask BTDT moms who have had csec and inductions for big babies to tell me their experience with recovery and what they would prefer if they could pick again. Thanks!

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