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July 3rd, 2012, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by fairymommy View Post
there is more talk of inductions and c-sections in my ddc than anything else! I don't recall a single conversation about natural child birth! That's why I peak around on this board every now and then, just to remind myself that it IS ok to let this little one come on her own!
I don't think enough women embrace the fact that our bodies are MADE to do this amazing feat. I am FTM, and at just over 38 weeks am so excited to meet my little one, but I want her to decide when it is time to enter this world. I am also really excited to experience every aspect of child birth, and gain a new understanding at how totally awesome my body is! I personally see it as such an empowering act that once all is said and done I will be so proud to have accomplished.
This exactly!

I'm excited to experience labor and delivery and I want to feel all of it. I have some idea of what it will be like, having basically "labored" with contractions with both of my miscarriages, one for seven hours and one for forty-eight. So I'm not going into it completely blind about the pain it entails. But I also know that there's an amazing reward at the end (I even felt that way about dealing with my miscarriages naturally and letting my body do what it needed to do) and that with a live birth there will be hormones that will help a lot.

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