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July 3rd, 2012, 06:44 PM
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Um, yes, we are full-throttle terrible twos here. Tantrums every day, almost constantly. If I don't help her calm down immediately, it gets horrible. It's been really hard. She really doesn't talk much or try to talk so she just sits there in extreme frustration. Like, if the food does not go on her spoon or fork the way she wants it to, she will yell and whine and throw the food off the spoon or throw her bowl too. She is so particular about everything, so sensitive to the smallest change. I feel bad most days because I feel like I am constantly disciplining her. Sometimes I can't get to her right away when she throws her tantrum because I am either holding/nursing/changing her sister, and it just makes it rough to get through. I am ready for age 3, I am soooo ready for her to talk.
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