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July 4th, 2012, 10:38 AM
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Ok this is really irritating me and I just need to rant, since there is NOTHING else I can do.

When I first found out I was preg I at first wanted to go with a midwife, got accepted into an awesome center here, but at the end for a few reasons, one being convenience (never a good reason) I decided to go with an OB at a clinic that soley does prenatal care. Anyway, when I made my first appointment with the OB I was told that she wouldn't actually be here for my due date, as she goes to Africa every summer to run clinics there. Ok, couldn't really be mad about that. Was assured the replacement doc was fabulous, and I would have plenty of time to get to know her. So throughout the past months of my pregnancy there have been some questions and stuff that I have not talked about with the first doctor because it is all stuff pertaining to my actual delivery which she isn't going to be there for. So I've been waiting to meet this new doc, talk to her about my birth plan, find out her practices, ask her those questions, etc. Well, now THIS doctor is going on 2 weeks holidays starting after today's appointment. I seriously have a revolving door of doctors and who the **** knows who is actually going to deliver my baby! I'm actually kinda pissed at the clinic for this, my hopes were to have a great doc whom I could be comfortable with and be on the same page for my delivery, but now it's just going to be some random there the day of.
I don't ever regret stuff, but I'm feeling just a touch of regret that I didn't go with the midwife

I guess I'm going to have to have a really good written up plan, make sure DH is on the same page as me (which he is) and have him really advocating for me.

ugh. Ok, that's my frustration. I'm done.
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