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July 5th, 2012, 08:28 PM
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Your Name:- Laura
Your Birthday:- 6th May
DH/SO name:- Christian
DH/SO Birthday:- 20th September
Your Anniversary:- 19th August
Kids (if you have them) names:- Kaila
LO's Birthday(s):- 25th April
Any medical assitance your reciving:- None
We're your from:- PA, USA
Favorite colour:- Green
Favorite TV shows: Friends, The Office, Family Guy

Hi everyone! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over two years. But I'm entering my first month of ovulation calendaring and other more proactive measures. Husband's analysis came back clean so we're moving on to other test to try and see what the hold up is. This baby planning is serious stuff and it's also nerve wracking. It will be nice to have some support and hear from women who are as frustrated as I am!
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