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July 5th, 2012, 10:14 PM
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I just wanted to respond to this thread, though I know it's old. I have a rare muscle condition and have had to take Valium all my life. I was freaked how it would effect my children, but managed to get to such a low dose (5mg/day, some days I would skip all together or take half if I could) my doctors, the perintologist, and my neurologist all assured me the dose was so low, it would not affect my baby. And my daughter Kaleigh was born healthy and happy at 37 wks and is now 4 years old and fine. My son Jackson was born 6 wks early due to my severe preeclampsia, and he shows symptoms of having my muscle condition, as well as possible asthma, due mainly to his prematurity, so so far, none of my babies have had any issues b/c of low dose valium, and I took it all thru pregnancy, even the first trimester. I am currently 17 wks pregnant now and have just basically stuck with my usual 5 mg. I so wish I could be off Valium as I hate being dependant on a drug, and despite my healthy children, hate that I have to take it during pregnancy, (though I'm not worried about side effects to them anymore), I just am sick of being on it. (I'm 31yrs old). But when I do try to go off it, even a slow weaning process, I don't know if it's the withdrawl, or my condition, or both, but I can't function, can't walk properly mainly b/c I'm so shaky, off balance, dizzy, jumpy, etc. I surely wouldn't trust myself to hold an infant, so as for this stage in my life with young children, I keep on with the Valium, and to hell with people who treat you bad for it. I have healthy kids, many doctors approval, and a calmer pregnancy (and overall quality of life) when on it. At least for now. When that will change, I don't know. But if it's working for you and you're on a low dose, don't sweat the critics. The stress is worse for you than the Valium.
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