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July 5th, 2012, 10:19 PM
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Let me say 2 things... Wow and Whoa!!

It's taken me a few evenings, but I've made my way through your journal! Wow! You've been through soooo much and I wanted to give you a and to both the TTCYF board and the journal section. I cannot imagine losing my sister... and just wish I could give you real

I'm one of the original "Vets" of this board... very few of the girls who were here when I started are still here. I'm 37 years old and on my 40th cycle... so I can relate to each and every feeling of frustration you're going through. Hell, I was just remarking to myself today how there are PG women EVERYWHERE! I swear! So, it's NOT just you!!

Now for the Whoa! Closing out this journal?! Slow your roll there, Missy! Even if you do have PCOS, which is NOT the end of the world btw and actually one of the easier fixes as far as IF issues are concerned... that's no reason to leave this board.

You will still be TTC your first child... and that's what this board is all about. There have been a large number of girls who were regulars of this board with PCOS. Most of them are gone, because they're mommas now! I personally know girls who had severe PCOS, to the point of having 60-70 day cycles who are either mothers or currently PG! So don't lose heart.

Now don't misunderstand... I'm not discouraging you from venturing over to the PCOS board and asking questions, educating yourself, etc... But I'd hate to see you leave us completely.

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