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July 6th, 2012, 05:07 PM
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Finally...Evelina's birth story....
On july 3rd, i had my last appt, at 39 weeks 7 days. Was checked, 2.5 cm, soft, etc.Dr said he is leaving town,lol.
After the exam i was already cramping, but in about 2 hours i felt stronger, real contrax.The bloody show started then as well.Went shopping-lmao-, then home and did our family pregnancy shoot-only me, already in early labor.
Contrax were about 15-10 min apart, and no mistaking them with BH's,lol.
The boys went to bed, i took a bath, lied down, but they were getting closer together, and very strong.Held up until 3.15 am, when they were about 5 min apart, 1 min long, then i woke the boys.Got to the hospital at 4.15 am., got to triage, changed and checked at 4.45. Was already 4 cm, full blown labor.Admitted, transferred to brthing suite, Hubby and C are in room with me.Got blood drawn, and answered the zillion questions form, while contrax were about 2 min apart.Fun times.They called the on call doc, she was on the way.all of a sudden my contrax were barely a min and a half apart, and i could not even make a peep, having my son in the room, didn't wanna make him scared.So sent hubby out with him. Oh my friend who was supposed to pick him up, couldn't, of course.
Then BAM, crazy strong contrax, back to back, and major pelvic pressure, i had the biggest urge to push!!!!
Oh and u guys remember i wanted an epi right...well i don'y know what happened to the doc..lmao never showed.
Im telling the nurses, i have to push, they like no way, u are not ready.Fight the like how the hell you do that?!So after trying to hold it, i couldn't, pushed once, broke my own water...
Pushed again a minute later, her head was out
Hubby ran in-he told he he felt like he had to come back, its been only 2 min since he left the room btw-, saw her head out, then one more push , shoulders, one more and body followed.....Evelina was born at 5.51, about an hour after they checked me first in triage. The doctors never made it..lmao. Kudos to all my wonderful nurses who delivered my daughter, drug free, in less then 5 minutes..))))
If u managed to read it, congrats..u are either still pregnant and bored, or ur feeding your new precious baby..)♥
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