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July 7th, 2012, 09:45 PM
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And a small intro(I apoligize in advance it could get a little long.)

I am Amy, Dh is Chris. We have 1 DD born Oct. 2010. Obvisously she born by c-section. We had a small(in terms of fertility issues) struggle with getting pregnant, been told had not ovulated yet there was a +sign on the test, add in marriage falling apart, a SCH for most of the first trimester, and a m/c, there was not much in the lines of communication by the time she was born. But we kept trying and trying and I am happy to say that, we are considering having another baby, eventually!! I've always been a fan of if it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth having!

At 38 weeks I began to have small amounts of protein in my urine, my blood pressure wasn't high and hadn't been. I'd had one high reading during the whole pregnancy and dh had disappaeared from doc's office on day we found out gender. So we chalked it up to having been busy cleaning and not drinking as much. Was gone at 39 weeks, and blood pressure was normal. At 40 weeks and closed, baby high and no contractions at all. The protein was back, blood pressure was a little high for me, but we had just had mid-terms that week(I'd come straight from school and a mid-term to doc's office that day). Doc was like ok we can keep going if you get a headache that doesn't go away with tynelol, blood pressure goes up, decrease in movement come in immediately. We will talk about inducation at next appt. after a NST. I fully expect to see you then. This was a Thrusday, by Saturday i was in L & D toxcemia had won out. So we get to hospital and thankfully my doc. is on call. He'd told me that even if I wasn't favorable for an induction if we got to the point of a failed induction ending in c-section or c-section to start with he would try an induction for me. So we tried an inducation and I was placed on mag. sulfate for my blood pressure. I was given cervadil and contracted pretty strongly and regularly most of the night(it was placed around midnight) at 6am I was still totally unchanged and baby was still extremely high. Placed on pit. as my blood pressure was starting to rise inspite of mag. Pit. was started at 7am at 9am still basically unchanged. Couldn't have epi. as I was not far enough along, so I was like ok I'm done....let's go for c-section. DD was high basically all in my rib cage with the cord around her neck twice with no slack! I had made the right choice to call it.

But here recently dh and I have been talking. We know that we would prefer a VBAC, but if a RCS became medically necessary then that's the choice. I'm looking for the questions I should ask my doc about having a VBAC when I go for my yearly appt. soon. I want to talk to him and try to find out if he's onboard for that as an option. I am alsos concerned with this as I really don't want to have another csection unless I either follow the mommy intution or it becomes medically necessary. Also because Dh and I are using pull-out and pull-n-pray as BC methods as I can no longer use hormonal BC due to drug allergies. So while we aren't TTC getting pregnant is a concern of ours.

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