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July 8th, 2012, 12:26 PM
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Well I believe that is just a way of God showing you how blessed you are and because you are such a great mother being able to show this woman next door why she wants a child so bad.I have a friend who miscarried a lot before she had her two that she has and when I go to her and talk with her she seemed stronger than I We all have our struggles and the best way to help her is to just be by her side.and the best way not to feel guilty is to take care of the most precious gifts God has given to you.Sometimes I will also become scared to try to have another one because I don't know if I could bear losing a child I feel like I might become crazy but I have to remember that this was never in my hands to begin with and God will carry this thing out either way I also know that most people who lose children end up with double when it finally suceeds!
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