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July 8th, 2012, 03:12 PM
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Have you checked out 'Adventures in Tandem Nursing'?. There is a lot of info in there and the illustrations are funny. I had read a lot on the net before getting it so most of the stuff wasnt terribly new to me.

Anyway what I remember it saying is that yes nipple pain can get better. There is no telling if that will be in the second or third trimester. For me the nipple pain did get better but not until very late in pregnancy, I dont remember exacly when but guestimate 34 weeks. It may have improved when I got colustrum. It was sore for me to nurse and after a while nursing it'd hurt a lot. I think the dry nursing hurt me more. My nurseling was quite a lot older than yours is so she responded nicely to me telling her that the breast was now empty.

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