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July 9th, 2012, 12:19 PM
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*Update 07/09/2012*

Been home since Saturday, baby is doing well, however I am having a stressful first few days of PP. So much ''family feud'' going on already. It is to a point that, I have no privacy rights. As planned, we were planning not to let anyone know that the baby is here since i need my time to rest, adjust to the baby before welcoming visitors, but after the unexpected c-section, I was sure that I won't want to expect visitors for a while. On Saturday, when we were getting ready to be discharge from the hospital, MIL informed us that the family knows that the baby is here. I was wondering how, then later found out that one of the aunt's from dh's side of the family, decide to say that by now I should have my baby by now, since the due date was on July 5. So saturday morning, MIL said her and FIL been getting calls nonstop regarding the baby. Then when they finally admit that the baby's here. Then that same aunt, said to my MIL that I told her that everyone can come see me in the hospital when I delivered the baby, I was saying I never said that, I said they can visit the baby after two weeks at home if everything goes well. Then that aunt was saying I said that everyone could go to the hospital and visit when the baby is here. It got me mad cause I never said that, and someone decide to use my name and put words that never came out of my mouth. And yet today, MIL is still receiving calls from some of them, asking if they can come see the baby. It's not being understandable to me. I'm not ready for visitors yet one because the c-section incision is just starting to get better today and the pain is somewhat managable without the pain reliever and I'm not ready for the baby to meet the family yet since she still have not yet pass the hearing aide test after three tries. I don't get why they don't understand that people need space and time and they need to respect that instead of getting it and trying to have it their way.

*Will update on delivery story later*
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