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July 9th, 2012, 05:26 PM
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So Friday I was spotting and cramping a bit all day. Nothing major, just thought I overdid it. Saturday morning at 2 am I was woken up by a painful contraction. Then I had another and another. They were about every 15 to 20 minutes or so so I didn't think anything of it really. I let SO sleep and read a little bit, took a shower, just hung out for a bit. I finally fell back to sleep for a little bit about 4:30 but kept getting woken up with the contractions. I knew it was early, real labor, so I didn't expect to go to work. When SO woke up I told him I didn't think I could work, and I didn't think he should either. We should go get breakfast and I would put everyone on baby watch. And I would go to my mom's while he was at work. At first he siad ok, then he changed his mind and said we were going to work becuase he couldn't take off if I wasn't in the hospital and he wouldn't be able to come back here to get me and take me to the hospital.

So I got aggravated and went to work. I was so mad. I was in labor but he didn't really believe it was labor. So we get there, and contractions are still coming...3very 10 minutes i would get a big one and in between I would get another smaller one. By 6 pm I couldn't work anymore. They were every 6ish minutes and I couldn't wal or talk through them. So we left work around 630 and go to the hospital at around 645. They checked me at 715ish and I was 5 cm and 100% with a bulging bag. It was bearable and I didn't mind it.

They got me to a room at 8 and brought me a ball to labor on and I was able to walk around and stuff. It helped until around 845, but it started getting really bad so I got back in bed and called the nurse because I wanted something for pain in my iv so the dr comes in and checks me. I am then 9 cm and they say its too late for anything. When they told me I was 9 I said '$h#@' and they all laughed at me. I was mad. I told them not to break my water, I would just be pregnant forever, I couldn't deal with pain anymore and needed something before htey broke my water. They didn't listen and broke my water.

I then was still 9 and I needed to push. I told them and they said it wasn't time yet. I couldn't help it. They broke my water at 950 or 955ish and he was out at 959. It was hard, but I did it. He was blue and limp when he came out becuase it was so fast and the cord was around his neck, but he turned pink real quick and started crying.

He is perfect. He nurses like a champ. He is a very good baby....likes to sleep...but I am not complaining....yet. All in all it was wonderful, painful, but all worth it in the end. Being able to get upand move around right after was amazing but I am not doing this again. LOL
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