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July 10th, 2012, 10:50 AM
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Yeah, Tom can provide the life Ive always wanted. Not that I ever wanted anything big. Back in school when they'd ask what you wanted to be, I always said a mom. (Had a teacher once tell me, in like 3rd grade, "No I mean a 'REAL' job." 8 year old me was offended.) I wanted Donna Reed's life. Stay at home with my kids, maintain the house, and be a partner in the family that way...Tom wants the same. He hates that Im even working now. I work with the elderly, assisting with baths, meds, and end of life care...its emotionally and physically taxing. Its been my hardest challenge thus far really.. Shaking off the sickness, soreness, and general blahs, to push on at work. I also travel all day, between different facilities. Getting in a hot car every two hours and driving has been kicking my butt.

I've been trying hard to ignore the fact that people around me now have this image of me as someone who doesn't know who the dad is. I have never overlapped relationships, and have never ever slept with two men in close proximity EVER in my life. I spent my entire life being good, and I feel like it was all for nothing, because now people think otherwise. Which is strange to me, I know Ive been good and did that for me, not anyone else. And up to this point Ive NEVER put stock into what others thought of me, I was always my own person, and didn't care what people thought, because I never judged others either.

Ok enough ranting for now Back to work I go

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