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July 11th, 2012, 01:39 AM
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Hey, I can agree with you all, how you all feel when you have a baby inside you!! You feel so happy and blessed all the time, when he kicks inside your tummy, and i do agree with you all that during pregnancy you get close to your husband!! your relationship with him gets better and better everyday!! but the main problem comes post pregnancy when you have to loose the weight!! Its kind of gymming , as there is just so much to do all the time, you have to keep on running after your kid!! I had a lot of issues loosing my weight! but then one of my friend guided me to this site called hushbabies, I found this pigeon shape up belt, which helped me to restore my beautiful curves back, and it is just so comfortable!! because the real problem comes when you crib about your weight gain, and trust me you do get out of shape!!
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