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July 12th, 2012, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Jule'sMomInOR View Post
Now that you mention it, he wasn't that disruptive. We were outside playing and even though his voice was a bit shrill, you have to expect some noise with a bunch of kids playing. It was the kind of thing where some people might have given her a "control your child" look. I guess we'll have to expect some of those with Alphie's approach.
Yeah, it's a no-win. Either you do the unconditional thing and get stern looks and head shaking from the disciplinarian types, or you overly control the kid and get raised eyebrows and concerned faces from the liberal parents, right?

Confession: I've been reading the Alison Gopnik book I mentioned on the book list thread and it might be the best book I have read in years. For me anyway. The ideas in there are merging with the UP ones in my mind so I might not be keeping them straight anymore pretty soon.

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