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July 13th, 2012, 08:42 AM
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well, my experience probably won't reassure you but i'll share it since i think the worry & fear of a thing is often worse than the thing itself.

My first loss was a total shock...absolutely not a single symptom of a problem, no spotting, no bad cramping, nothing. In fact I had such severe m/s that I was in the ER the week before to be put on meds & IVs...and i remember the ER doc & nurses telling me that as miserable as I was this was a really good sign that I had a strong pregnancy. And they were wrong. I went for my 8wk u/s and the baby measured perfectly and there was this beautiful hb...this was our first pregnancy so we didn't pick up on the u/s tech not telling us the heart rate or giving us a picture that it was a bad sign. We met with OB who broke news to us that while we had a hb it was a little slow for the age/size and they labeled it a "threatened miscarriage" and had us come back 2 days later for another u/ that u/s the hb was gone and I eventually had a D&C.

My 2nd loss was the exact opposite of the first...problems began to surface very quickly (just after 5ws) with spotting that wouldn't stop and infrequent but very severe cramps. I developed almost no m/s at all and all of my pregnancy symptoms were slight to none. With the spotting betas were pulled...all rising, but not fast enough. We went through over 3 weeks of not knowing what would happen...the baby measured behind consistently but against all odds, a hb started that initially was at the right rate. But eventually m/c happened anyway.

What i would tell you though is don't let the fear of what could happen rob you of your joy and excitement in this pregnancy. Miscarriage is a very unfortunate & heartbreaking part of pregnancy, and a lot of women will experience it...but many won't. If the worst does happen, you will survive it (i promise) but the chances are greatly in your favor that you will have no problems at all and I'd hate to see you consumed with worry - which is easy to do in a DDC where you will sadly see some women suffer losses - over something that you ultimately can't control. (((HUGS)))

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