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July 13th, 2012, 08:51 PM
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We are hanging in here. Before she had her tests done, she started complaining about her ankle hurting. She didnt twist it or anything, but it is swollen and she cant hardly walk! She twisted this one before and once in a while she will complain about it but it is usually better a day later if that long and it normally doesnt swell much either. I just dont get it. I took her in and there are no fractures or dislocated bones. Of course Sarah is sick with sinus junk now. I really feel like beating my head on the wall!!!!
On a different note, I was able to get SOS 3rd through 5th grade complete at a crazy insane super low price because they are older versions. Well just wondering how long it would take to do it all, Matthew offered to try it out today. He just kept saying how much he loved it and how cool it was. He said it looks sort of like video game at times but it is really school and I love it! I sure hope this sticks to give us a boost this year.
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