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July 14th, 2012, 10:50 AM
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I have heard that keeping a log of everything, especially in public view will help make sure that you keep yourself on track. This time around I expect to need and utilize every tool I can! My first Body By Vi 90 day challenge resulted in amazing weight loss in a HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS way with out the need to work out. Between the shakes and better food choices I believe my body definitely went through a huge detox. And 28 lbs in less than 90 days!? Thats nothing to sneeze about! But Im worried this time around... That 28 lbs was easy. I had a delicious shake... it might as well been desert!... and ate better with my lunch and snacks. Thats easy!

.... but this time, now that Im passed my original goal weight, will require more work, definitly more energy (good thing I got the fit kit free this month! lol just in time for this since it comes with pre and during/after workout energy... I dont know if I could do this without that!) I admittedly tried to make sure I worked out every so often to help things along once I saw such great results! I would decide "Yes! today is the day! I will workout tonight!" the problem is that by the time I was done with work and got home and got kids situated and part of my homework done... I was exhausted! It just wasnt working. So I tried A.M. I got up earlier and did some 10 min yoga, which made me feel great... but getting up any earlier than 5 to get more of a workout in and than shower before getting the kids up and ready to be to work at 7, that felt impossible.

I really do believe that with the Energy, with the support of friends for extra motivation and probably with the fact that I will need to come on here and express to you all "yeah I worked out!! and feel great!!" or "yea... I didnt, again" will give me some motivation to not stop. Plus with my boyfriend doing it I dont want to de-motivate him by not doing it either.... so today is Day 1, we will work out together tonight when he gets off.... wish me luck!!

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