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July 15th, 2012, 03:14 PM
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Most of mine have ended up blending into each other. I have a disco ball and crossbones on my ankle, crabs on a cherry stem on my hip (so I can tell people that I have crabs! ), a robot on one foot, dinosaurs on the other, "you're so lovely, built with a beautiful mind" across my wrists, a full candy-themed chest-piece, a rose on my inner elbow, a full sleeve (including leopard print on shoulder), the planets down my ribcage, two mustaches on my fingers, and quotation marks on my "quote" fingers. So I guess that's... I don't know if I should count this anywhere from ten to twenty!

I was eighteen when I got my first one, only like two weeks after my birthday. My mom absolutely despises anything as minor as a nostril stud, so no help from her for anything but my first two sets of earrings.

(As for piercings, I've had up to 32 at one point, but I'm down to 28 now (nipples, navel, which will be gone soon, three in tongue, philtrum, four on lower lip, neck, septum, and the rest in the ears).)
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