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July 15th, 2012, 04:15 PM
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I am so ready to be a single mom at times.

The ex is trying to be more pleasant, I think he's mom is pressuring him to give me a break.

Tom, however is feeling stressed. He says he needs me to be more verbal and assure him all the time of how I feel and blah blah.

I am not chatty, Im not a person who shares how they feel all the time, it makes me uncomfortable. I like to process my thoughts at my pace and voice things as I feel comfortable. He knows this... but thinks I "should try if I think the relationship is worth it".

I dont feel like changing who I am after 30 years to stroke his ego. Im just not that person, and don't see myself changing.

I feel so much stress (intentional or unintentional) from both sides, I could just give up some days. I convince myself I am more than capable of during this on my own, and can find out later who I need arrangements with for co-parenting.

I know that isnt a mature attitude to take, but I KNOW I can rely on myself, I know I am capable of doing it alone, I know I can. I just hate that I have to deal with two men who don't understand why I am stressed and upset all the time. Everything seems so much simpler to them.

And in the middle of this I am trying to grow a baby. The round ligament pain has been hard this week, sleeping is difficult, and work has been INSANE.

Im so hoping the next week goes better.


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