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July 16th, 2012, 10:47 AM
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Ok, so I mentioned on another post that Ben is potty trained for pee, but not for poo due to some severe constipation issues we've had the last few months. When he does finally go we get half in the potty and half in training pants. Ugh. This constipation has sort of taken on a life of its own and is affecting our daily lives. He has never been a go everyday kid...not since infancy. Even then tho he was not your typical breastfed-go-while-they-are-still-nursing baby. He would go once, possibly twice a day. Anyway, as he has gotten older every 3 days was his norm. Now he can easily go 6 days. Ive researched and researched and I think he is withholding. Ive read this can start around toilet training age and can be a real problem. I googled it and I was amazed at all of the parents that have children doing this! We've had to give him Milk of Magnesia and suppositories when he just wont go. I can tell he gets the urge...starts dancing around then loses it as fast as it came upon him. Im kind of at the end of my rope. I've read lots about Miralax, but I kind of dont want him getting hooked on something thats a chemical. Then last night I saw that some people were giving their children Benefiber. So, getting some today...he can take that every day since it's just fiber.

Sorry for the's just been awful and making for a miserable time. My question is:

Is anyone else having this same issue? This poo withholding or have you had other children do it? Any tips for helping them get over it? Seems to be a mental thing. How many times a day does your toddler go?

Keep your fingers crossed that this Benefiber works and kind of forces him to not be able to hold it!
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