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July 16th, 2012, 06:01 PM
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I feel like I only come here to whine.

Well, as if I do not have enough stress with baby growing and baby daddies, now work has decided to stress me to no end.

We have a new boss. Our grass roots, faith based, "Not like the others" hospice, is changing into a corporate, policy regulated, rigid hospice. They are constantly changing policies, procedures and freaking out when we mess up (one procedure in particular has had 3 changes to it in 2 weeks).

We were called into a meeting early this morning, and told we had extra patients all week, and we now have to get up at 6:45am every day to call in and confirm our schedules. We need to go through 2 supervisors to get schedule changes.... in HOSPICE. Our patients change day by day, things change CONSTANTLY, and now I have 2 people standing in the way of a schedule change, that really doesnt hurt anyone.

I will be in overtime this week. I struggled last week with 7 less patients. I have NO idea how Im going to make it through this week in tact. I really dont.

I know they've been noticing my slowing down over the past few weeks, and while we work in healthcare, they should know this should be expected with pregnancy but I feel they see it as weakness and starting to think how non-functional Ill be down the road... I almost feel like they're pushing all this on me, and if I fail, that will be their excuse to can me.

I am growing to hate my job, I shouldnt say that, I love my actual job, I hate the people I work for and what they've become. I used to be one of those annoying people who actually like going to work.

Ugh. I am just so frustrated.

Silver lining - The ex did the dishes today. lol.

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