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July 17th, 2012, 07:35 AM
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When did you give birth? July 5

What is baby's name? Christian Patrick

How are you feel physically? Overall great! I have been dealing with headaches thou since delivery.

How are you feeling mentally/emotionally? I had a HORRID breakdown while in the hospital and asked my dr to put me on something for PPD (had bad case with middle child). So now that meds in full force I'm doing great.

Do you have the Baby Blues at all? Not really. I'm totally enjoying not being PG anymore and enjoying my little guy.

How are you keeping up with a baby, housework, your job, other kids, etc? So totally not.... I have so much stuff piling up around me and/or not getting done at all. Baby is #1 priority.

Is being a mommy of one/one more easier or harder than you imagined? Since my oldest 2 are pretty self sufficient it has been easier than I thought. But, it does have its own "quicks" as well.

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