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July 17th, 2012, 11:59 AM
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I have been on Tricyclen lo birth control pills for about a year and a half now. I have never had any bleeding until recently. About a week and a half to two weeks after my menstrual period (and yes i do take my placebo pills!) i got light pink bleeding that only lasted for two days along with some cramps and back pain. The bleeding was only there when i went to the bathroom and wiped (it was definitely not enough to wear a pad or even a panty liner) and I was wondering if it would be implantation bleeding or breakthrough bleeding? I have taken my birth control everyday but i'm really bad for taking it at the same time, and i also am sexually active. My partner always finishes inside me because I figured I was fully protected with the pill... can anyone help me out here?

(Updated 16/07/12) I ovulated about 6 days ago now. The bleeding started 4-5 days after. I get ovulation pains even though I am on bc although uncommon i know that it is ovulation pain and it happens every month. I did have a mild yeast infection and used the vaginal pill to help it but the day it started I was on an overnight shift at work, so I took my pill earlier than normal, about 5 hours earlier and the bleeding started that day?

(Updated 17/07/12) The bleeding lasted 2 and a half days and seems to be gone now, i also noticed a weird discharge but pushed it off to be the pill draining out the infection (sorry if thats tmi!) The cramps seem to be gone also, and i vomited a couple times yesterday out of the blue. I plan on taking a hpt tomorrow, will it show up properly?

Ive been looking everywhere for some answers!
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