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July 17th, 2012, 07:09 PM
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When did you give birth? June 28th

What is baby's name? Lincoln Edward

How are you feel physically? Great most of the time, although a little tired

How are you feeling mentally/emotionally? Some days are better than others. He's in a crying stage, which is getting stressful.

Do you have the Baby Blues at all? I did a few days in the week after he was born, but not too bad.

How are you keeping up with a baby, housework, your job, other kids, etc? Um, not keeping up with housework well at all! I'm doing the basics, and I've decided I can't get this time when he's small back if I miss it, so I'm enjoying him as much as possible!

Is being a mommy of one/one more easier or harder than you imagined? He's my first and it's both easier and harder, depending on the moment.

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