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July 17th, 2012, 11:51 PM
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These are just my own personal views

Abortion Pro Life.

Drinking age It's 18 where I'm from. I agree with that. 21 seems stupid (can vote, and die in war for your country, but can't have a beer? doesn't makes sense to me)

Political stance I tend to lean towards the party that I feel is least likely to screw over our whole country... it changes election to election

Selective Service like a draft? I hope this never happens again, but if absolutely necessary I'd rather have this than lose our sense of freedom

Gay marriage I think that every human being should be give the same legal rights, but the word marriage is sacred to me (even if it's been destroyed by straight people)

Universal pre-k I don't think it can hurt...

Sex education I believe this should start at home and at a very young age (2 or 3) But schools do have a role to play here as well!

Vaccinations I think it's important to make the best decision for your own family. But be prepared to deal with all consequences

Sin Tax For!

legalization of marijuana I just don't see the point....

Universal Health care Very grateful to have it! wouldn't give it up!

"performance pay" for teachers If it means our kids actually learn something in schools then YES!

war I don't know anybody who likes war, but IMO you're a moron if you don't support the soldiers who fight for us!

Methods of birth control Whatever floats your boat... I don't agree with the Plan B pill however.

How many kids people should have As many as they can love and support in all ways!

Vegetarian/eating meatWish I could be the first (I think there would be many benefits) but I love my chicken and steak!) We do buy free range and organic meats though.

gun control It's a great song by the Trews! Also has it's place, but also can't stop everything

death penalty I'm on the fence.... sometimes I think it would be too harsh, and sometimes I think it wou;dn't be harsh enough.

circumcision I always said that I don't have a penis, so I'd let DH decide what would be best... but after doing more research I'm against it.

Fertility treatments/Assisted reproductionIf that's what works for you go for it!

Assisted suicideA tough one... I know if it was me I'd probably want to die, but it would be difficult!

Illegal Immigrants *not immigration POLICY Should probably be sent back to the country they came from, to start the legal immigration process if they so choose.... except in cases where the country they came from would surely kill them.

Gender SelectionNot cool.

Fat Tax is this different from sin tax?

Shopping Carts Handy!

Kids drinking soda/eating candy/poptarts for breakfast As a once in a while treat, it's fun! regularly it's a sign of parental neglect

Peanut Butter bans in schools for nut allergies Probably saves a few lives. Non allergy families can survive on PB and J on the weekends!

VBACs Admirable.

Government involvement in citizens lives Sometimes necessary, sometimes creepy

Seat Belt law/ laws to protect citizens from themselves Need to be stricter, especially with children. In some cases, you can help stupid!

Unassisted ChildbirthingIf you can do it go for it! As long as you accept all possible consequences.

Plastic Surgery too expensive!

Chili (with or without beans) Not a fan!

Welfare Has it's place, but is a highly abused system

dress codes for school/office would make a lot of decisions easier every day.

Elective C-sections/elective repeat C-Sections I think it's pretty risky... but again if you are willing to accept the consequences

Introducing solidsI want to exclusively breastfeed until around 1 year, but I'm also like babyled weaning. and introducing foods safely (no honey before 1 yr)

Car Seats are critically important. And parents should be fined HEAVILY if not using properly

Spanking Unnecessary.

Children and Pets Should be supervised when together. Can be very positive relationship

Nursing in Public Go for it!

Cry it Out Unnecessary

Television and Infants/Toddlers Infants no, toddlers older than 2: on occasion-when sick, rainy days

Caring for your elderly parents Not in my immediate plans. If you can do it great, but I don't think it can be a responsibility forced on one child

Diamonds pretty!

In-N-Out Burger We dont have them here...

Reborn dollsCreepy as all get out!

Homosexual orientation/relationshipsThat's the individuals business

Polyamory So not my thing, but if they are all consenting adults, that's their business.

Scary movies ahh Can't handle at all!

Transcultural adoptionNo different than adopting within your own culture!

Drug testing welfare recipientspretty great idea! But I think they'd get farther doing blood alcohol tests

"Luxuries" on welfare- vacation, designer accessories, upscale phones, TV w/cable, etc Phone and tv, whatever, but vacations, Pets, vehicles etc.... not cool!

Organized religionsI may not agree with them all, but I always try to be respectful

Mandatory breastfeeding attempts/prescriptions for formula Everyone should do what is best for them

Family beds I think bed sharing can be very dangerous, but I believe that co sleeping has many benefits.

TTC on assistanceIf thats what works for you go for it!

Infants/toddlers in bikini style swim suits I think they are kinda cute, but I worry about proper sun protection. I don't buy the 'pervert' argument. someone with a sick mind would see the same thing with your kids wearing a turtle neck. But I do agree there is a modesty issue, and I don't think little kids need to be that exposed to the sun

Leash backpacks for kidsI think they display a lack of confidence parents have in themseleves and their abilities.

Beauty pageants Setting up children for failure and issues that will take years of therapy to fix!

TV watching for kids under age 2 Against this! Find other activities to interact with your kids, TV under 2 is proven to lead to Adhd and other disorders, and in no way benefits the child.
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