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July 18th, 2012, 09:26 AM
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Wednesday - Next to Last Volunteer Training Day!
HI Ladies!
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday...and sorry I won't be for the next few days as much. I've got a busy week (for me), and not a lot of time for JM

Today, I'm up, showered, breakfast eaten (minus cocoa, no milk ) and getting ready to head to the Park for my phase 7 (of 8) volunteer training! I have been in training since March, so I am gearing up to finish this week! Not sure what today has instore, exactly, but I will be mentored by a current volunteer on some things. That will take up most of my day, then I need to run to the store and get food for DH for the weekend, and milk, for me! Tomorrow, I do my phase 8 training! After tomorrow is done, I will be an official San Diego Zoo Global Volunteer. Trust me, this is no small feat!

Then, I leave Friday for the weekend in San Fran with brother and Munch. And sometime, before all that, I need to do all my school A bunch of reading, 2 sets of homework, 2 study guides, 2 papers, and 2 tests. I have no idea when I'm going to do all this. I'm usually not this busy! But, whatever! It's all great stuff!

So, apologies in advance if I'm not around as much this week. I'm trying to get caught up in morning and nights, so hopefully I'll do ok

Have a super Wednesday all!

Originally Posted by Coley View Post
Man... you must've really been in a mood. A whole day and not a single word from you?

I'm over my mood now! Honestly, this is a SUPER busy week for me! Yesterday, I was at the doctor from when we left at 7, until about 1130. Then I went straight to the Park! Got home from the Park at 545ish, went into chat for a bit, then DH got home!

I was checking things from my phone on and off all day, but when I post from my phone, I have no option of hiding my siggy So, I don't post here from phone

But, thanks for checking in...and yes, that was really odd not to post all day!!
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