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July 18th, 2012, 10:29 AM
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Have I ever bribed my kids?? um yes.... but I try not to make it a daily/regular habit because of the reasons Lisa pointed out which I think are little negotiation/bribe on a regular basis can set up expectations that they will always get "x, y, z" or else they don't have to behave. "I will scream until you give me my chocolate chips, I want my chocolate chips, where are my chocolate chips!!!!!" as they get older and more vocal the negotiations can be draining enough even when bribes aren't involved haha

That being said I have, at times, bribed my children, usually in a store when I want Sam to sit in a cart and he is resisting and wanting to walk and by walk I mean push the cart and smash it into everything and anything ......."oh look I found a lollipop in my purse!, want it? well ok but you have to stay sitting in the cart" works like a charm, essentially I pick my battles, occasionally bribe but try not to make it a habit. There have been plenty of times I don't offer that lollipop and just buckle him in the cart and let him freak out until I am done doing what I am doing, sometimes kids gotta do things they don't want to like sit in the cart and get their diaper changed....heck sometimes I gotta do things I don't want to haha. Parenting is hard, kids are kids, they test boundaries and need limits, I don't know the right answer I just muddle my way thru and do the best I can on any given day. Some days include lollipop bribes but most days do not
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