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July 19th, 2012, 07:55 AM
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1. When you found out you were pregnant, who was the first person you told? Well, my best friend in Florida was there when I peed on a stick since it was at work. The first person I actually told was DH though.

2. What was your initial reaction - how did you feel? I was in shock. I'd peed on hundreds (literally.. lol) of sticks and that was my first positive. I just assumed it was a false positive and tested about 100 more times that day! Once in sank in, I was absolutely over the moon though, mixed with the anxiety of loss, of course.

3. What did you do with your pregnancy test? I kept them for awhile to watch the lines progress, which was one of my first posts in this DDC! I eventually just took a picture and tossed them cause I decided it was pretty gross to keep them on my counter, haha.
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