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July 19th, 2012, 08:50 AM
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1. Diaper Genie/Champ - I don't know what I would do without mine. I have the Diaper Genie and although I hate having to buy refills (tried the off brand refills and just didn't work smell-wise) I love having this. I'm out of refills at the moment and have to take the diapers to the garage now everytime we change Akadia. I can't handle the diaper smell at all.

2. Wipes Warmer - I used this when Akadia was a newborn. I think it's more soothing to have a nice warm wipe on a newborn hinie than a cold one but it's not a "must have". I ditched it once she got older because I got tired of rewetting the pad and I figured her hiney could handle it now.

3. Changing Table - This was a must have for me. I know some do it on the floor (breaks my back) and others use a bed (tread marks anyone?) but the changing table worked best for me and I used the shelves to store a lot of stuff. My daughter has long been too big for it, so we use the bed now. I'm too lazy to grab a changing pad to put under her everytime we need to change her, so we always have desitin marks on the bedspread. Even when I did use a pad on the bed when she first outgrew the changing table, she'd pee right off it onto the bed. I really prefer to keep the pee and poo to a designated changing table and not the guest bed or floor. That's just me though. I know a lot of people hate messing with them.

4. Bottle Warmer - Was another must have for me when we were bottle feeding breast milk. I had the bottles all made up in the fridge, and I just had to grab one, throw it in the warmer and wait a few minutes. Definitely not as ideal as just breastfeeding straight, but if you have to pump, it's the way to go. Stopped using it when we eventually moved her to formula since I just used warm water from the tap then. (We have really good water)

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow - I had a breastfriend pillown & a Boppy. The Breastfriend pillow was ok. I didn't really use it that much because I could never get her positioned right on it but some women swear by them. I just prefered a regular pillow. Akadia hated the boppy and wouldn't lay in it to save her life, but some babies love them. Hoping this one likes it better.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad - Either sound or video is essential. You'll need it if you ever want to take a bath or use the bathroom alone again. Movement pad might be nice too, but I never had one.

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