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July 19th, 2012, 02:41 PM
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1. Diaper Genie/Champ: Love this!! We used this for all diapers. When she started solids, we would throw the poop diapers in the trash outside and just use this for pee diapers.

2. Wipes Warmer: Love this too!! Use it all the time. It never made the wipes dry out at all. We still use this (since she's not potty trained yet)

3. Changing Table: Use this all the time. Perfect for storing lotions and bows and q-tips and other things! Plus it was more convenient to stand up and change her instead of doing it on the floor.

4. Bottle Warmer: Since I breastfed, I would only need to run bottles under warm water for a little bit if I had pumped milk. She didn't mind drinking cold milk either. If you are going to formula feed though, NEVER put bottles in the microwave because it creates hot pockets that will burn the baby's throat.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow: I used the My Brest Friend pillow 24/7 for 13 months. I couldn't live without it. I liked it better than the boppy because you actually clip it around your waist and it won't slide out from under the baby.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad: We still use Kaitlin's monitor every night. We started out with just a sound monitor, but soon bought the AngelCare monitor that detects movement and sound. It really gave me peace of mind. Sometimes it would give false alarms if she would roll to the side because it wouldn't detect breathing, but I knew it worked!
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