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July 19th, 2012, 02:51 PM
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AJ's Birth Story
Late Friday night, July 13th, I was debating if I wanted to call the Dr. Trying to decide if it was more than just my mucous plug that I was losing... decided to wait and see how my night goes.

The next morning, I woke at 7:00 to some cramping (which I had different times before), but when I went to the bathroom, my underwear were damp, with no discharge along with it. Not running down my legs or anything, my underwear were just damp. Called Dr. Irwin and he said he'd feel better if I'd get checked.

So I decided to just let my Mom run me out and dh watch the girls, since I wasn't sure at all that they'd be keeping me. Figured I'd wait to make sure it's the real deal. So 10:30 am found me in a Hospital bed getting hooked up to monitors etc. They tested my fluid on that paper and it turned blue. She also told me I'm having contrax every 2-3 minutes. Felt very mild to me.Called the Dr. in (my favorite) , and by 12 noon, he confirmed that I was ruptured, and is starting pit. They assumed I have group b strep, since I had it with the girls.AJ's HR was slightly elevated at 165, (normal is between 120-160).
Got IV for fluid @ 12:15.

Then my dear hubby showed up. <3 Contrax getting kinda painful @ 12:30. Pain scale between 4 & 5 @ 12:45. Started pit @ 2 pm. Ask for epi at 2:30. Pit was bringing on painful, fast contrax. At that time he could stretch me to a 5, 90% effaced, -2 station.

Dr. Musser gave my epi at 3:18. Broke water @ 3:35, and I went to a 6. Same effacement and station.HR is better 140-150. Then for some reason my epi went one sided, soon before I was ready to push.

Started pushing around 5:10. Dr. thought I couldn't feel enough to know when to push, so he nicely turns my epi either off or to 2. Then I lost it, because he had shoulder dystocia. Even tho' I didn't know it at the time.. ... Also his cord was wrapped so tight around his neck, that they had to clamp and cut it before they delivered the rest of him.

So his head's out, but his shoulders were stuck.So he had the nurse push down on my stomache while he puuulled AJ out. I think I actually was pushing the nurse's hands away at that point. Thankfully they did get him out without breaking anything. PTL! He was bruised and his one arm layed kinda funny at first, but he's moving it fine now. He also had a bm before he was born.
Allen James aka AJ arrived into this world at precisely 5:39 pm Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. 22" long. I guessed his weight to be 8lbs. 8 oz.

He was very blueish gray and didn't cry for what seemed like awhile. They were working on him while he was on my chest, but soon took him to the warmer, gave him 2 pumps of air and then he really started crying. They let us take a few pix before they took him to the nursery to watch him.

His breathing got worse overnight, and by 4:30 am Sunday they admitted him to the NICU.Diagnosed him with pneumonia. Possibly caused by strep b, ecoli, or listeria.. They said we probably never will know exactly what caused the infection.

Feeling guilty about not going in Friday night when I first susptected that my water was leaking.
Maybe I could've avoided all this!?

7-18-'12 Was his first good day! Nursed for the 1st time, and got his oxygen and feeding tube removed.
He looks soo much healthier and we look forward to bringing him home this coming Sunday. Lord Willing.

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