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1. Diaper Genie/Champ
I like my diaper genie, but definitely not a must have. I would not have paid for it, someone got it for us for a baby shower so of course we use it

2. Wipes Warmer
I don't see why this would be necessary at all

3. Changing Table
We bought one that doubles as a dresser and I love ours! I use it a lot in the newborn/baby stage, not at all now that he's a toddler though.

4. Bottle Warmer
Not necessary IMO

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow
I really didn't like it for nursing, it was so awkward to use. I do like it for propping baby up and for tummy time though. Not a must-have by any means though. This was another shower gift for us

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad
LOVE my video monitor. This is my one must-have for baby! We still use ours with our toddler.

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