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July 19th, 2012, 03:19 PM
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My other half is not good with reading books, and Im having trouble explaing AP to him (He doesnt quite WANT to get it yet).

Is there a somewhere that has made a chart that easily explains the AP and the differences between AP and other parenting styles.

Im finding myself getting increasingly frustrated, as I explained everything weeks before and then yesterday I made a joke about our parents not liking how we arnt going to be punishing our children in the usual sense of the word.

His reply was "OH, our children will be punished! Im not going to let them get away with doing something bad!"

Nothing has sunk in

He still has in his mind 2 years is the cut off for breast feeding (after it just becomes gross) and that they should be well into potty training by then.

I already feel like all of this is going to be a HUGE uphill battle. Ill have mine and his mom, thinking Im going to be raising a spoilt child by allowing co-sleeping, baby wearning, baby led weaning and potty training and not doing any CIO... plus Ill have him confused, not understanding and unwilling to learn... so there will be lots of tension and no doubt conflict.

Id love to show him a chart or something visual that he can plainly see what AP is. Something thats easy to see and understand... and then hopefully discuss.
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