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July 20th, 2012, 12:58 AM
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Just thought I would give you all an update. After two miscarriages we had decided to try to wait a couple of months to give my body an opportunity to get back to its "normal" self. However, I began taking vitex like I did with my last full term pregnancy and it made me ovulate way earlier than expected.

I ovulated on day 7 of my cycle. I had no clue it was coming and did not even notice EWCM until the morning after intercourse. I took a home blood test yesterday at CD 15 and it was positive. I know that this COULD be left over from the miscarriage. However, two things clue me into it being a new pregnancy. One I never had enough HCG in my blood stream to spill over into my urine with the last pregnancy, secondly, all my symptoms dissapeared with the last miscarriage but began anew. On Tuesday (7 DPO) I began cramping, the following day all my pregnancy symptoms began again.

My temperatures are crazy right now, but are just like they were after ovulation last cycle. Again, I'm on 10DPO and no temp rise above the coverline. With the extra early ovulation things really are against me this time.

Hopefully next cycle won't be so strange. CD7 ovulation is super early.

Will keep you all updated if anything besides what's ordinary for me comes up.

I also wanted to say that my older two girls, ages 13 and 15, have begun charting. I told them not to expect too much since they started not long ago. My 13 year old has been having her cycles for a year, and my 15 year old for three and a half years. So I get to not only obsess over my own chart but theirs too. What fun.

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